TEO 2020

TEO Renewable Energy Fair

4-5 APRIL 2020
Bydgoszcz Fair and Exhibition Center

„TEO 2020”

Renewable Energy Fair
On April 4-5, 2020, the seventh edition of the Renewable Energy Fair TEO 2020 will take place. This event dedicated exlusively to ecological energy sources. In its assumption, it is supposed to be an impulse for development of eco-energy market in Poland and Central Europe.

The main topic of the fair is sources of renewable energy. Heating systems using renewable energy will be on display, including boilers, furnaces, fireplaces, solar collectors, air conditioning units, heat pumps, solid biofuels, pellets, liquid biofuels, and biogas.
The Renewable Energy Fair TEO will take place in the same time as the 35nd edition of the Construction and Installation Fair GRYF-BUD. Visitors coming to the Fair will include representatives of local authorities, investors, designers, architects, cooperatives and housing associations, owners of single family houses, representatives of administration of schools, hospitals, and other public buildings.

We want TEO Fair to become a platform for exchange of experiences between theoreticians and practitioners. Companies notice insufficient knowledge and availability of ecological solutions in our country. Therefore, an idea emerged to organize an event that would promote theoretical knowledge and provide proper tools for practitioners.

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Bydgoszcz Fair and Exhibition Center